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Mysteries in Fish Functional Morphology 1. Unicorn surgeonfish

Welcome to “Mysteries in Fish Functional Morphology”. From time to time I plan on posting descriptions of some of the most fascinating and perplexing unsolved mysteries in fish functional morphology. My hope is that some of you will find these entertaining, but … Continue reading

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Woodchipper – a script for breaking phylogenetic trees into subclades

Here’s a handy little Perl script I wrote that takes a nexus formatted tree file and breaks down every tree that it finds into the clades that it is composed of (i.e., every node in the starting tree is returned … Continue reading

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Datamuncher – a handy tool for niche and distribution modelers

Here’s a little tool I whipped together for my own use. I hope it’s useful to others as well. Basically what it does is take .csv files of species occurrences and a batch of ASCII files, and converts them into … Continue reading

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